A Success Story- “PawPaw Gee”

For any of you who may be struggling (or just need some inspiration), you will most definitely find some comfort in our patient “PawPaw Gee” and his journey through weight loss surgery! Mr. “Gee” had his surgery in December of 2018, and he is currently 10 months post-op and measuring in at 122 POUNDS DOWN (and still going)!!!!!!!!!

He is a prime example of how life changing gastric sleeve surgery can be. His weight loss journey is not even complete yet, and we already consider him a true success!

He has given us permission to share his You Tube channel “PawPaw Gee” with you in the hopes that his journey would inform and inspire those who wish to make this life changing decision for your health. He even made it through a buffet meal with friends drinking his Premier Protein shake. Talk about strength :). (He also has some of the cutest grandchildren around as motivation!)

Check his channel out below!